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The Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland

Bennochy Parish Church History


Bennochy Parish Church is a friendly community Church situated in central Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Why not join us for Sunday Worship or come along to one of the many groups which meet in the Church halls each week. There are a wide range of activities on offer for all ages. Read more ...

Serving Your Needs

At the heart of the local community, we seek to meet the needs of young and old, those on their own or with families. We can also help with Baptisms and Weddings.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and wish to participate in the life of the Church and its organisations.

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Latest News
Christian Aid Walkers Zest Fitness Fife Strathspey and Reel Society

Christian Aid Update

The latest totals from our Christian Aid appeal.

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West Wemyss Walk

Join us for a walk to West Wemyss.

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Fitness with a Twist

We have a new fitness class for adults and children every Tuesday.

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Fiddlers Rally

Details of a special concert for the RNLI.

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Next Special Event

90th Birthday Celebration Lunch

To celebrate the 90th birthday of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, the Open Door Team is hosting a lunch in the Methven Hall after the service on Sunday 12th June. Tickets are £4 and are available from team members.

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Bennochy Newsletters Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland Kirkcaldy Street Pastors Church and Society

Bennochy Newsletter

The June newsletter has now been published.

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Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland

The Spring newsletter from Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland is now available.

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Kirkcaldy Street Pastors Newsletter

The April edition of the Kirkcaldy Street Pastors Newsletter is now available.

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Church and Society News

The April newsletter from Church and Society is now available.

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The Olive Branch Community Café
The Olive Branch Café

Our community café is open every Thursday from 11am until 2pm and now includes an Internet Café with support to assist you with any web related activities.

Read more about the café and sample the menu ...

Last Weeks Sermon Notes from Bennochy Church
If you are a fan of Star trek, then you will know who commander Data is. He is an android officer on the USS Enterprise, who wants to be more human. His positronic net is capable of storing enormous amounts of information. He is not overwhelmed at receiving huge amount of data. Just plug him in, and he can do anything from playing the violin, to complex mathematics. Imagine, that God could give us all the data of the universe. Everything known and unknown. There is a medical myth, that we only use about 10% of the brains potential. But I suspect that even if we could harness 100%, we would be overwhelmed.

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Organisations at Bennochy Parish Church

Life at the Church

Bennochy Parish Church was formed in 2010 by the union of St. Andrew's and St. John's Parish Churches. You can visit our history pages which cover the history of both Churches and recent events at the new Church.

A photo gallery includes pictures, old and new, covering the wide range of activities. To enter the gallery, click here ...